Welcome to thinkBuddha


Some time back in the early part of the 21st century, I started a blog called thinkBuddha as a way of trying to think out loud through questions related to Buddhism, Buddhist practice and existence in general.

I ran the blog (which was hosted at thinkBuddha.org) for around seven years, until other things took precedence. Through this process of thinking out loud, I became increasingly less Buddhist and more Buddhish. And eventually, I moved on to exploring other things (in particular, the riches of the Chinese indigenous philosophical traditions), and away from Buddhism.

More recently, I revised the old thinkBuddha site, and thought that it would be worth salvaging some of my writing from there. So I have decided to work on republishing most of the content from thinkBuddha that is worth keeping.

The articles here may express views and perspectives to which I no longer subscribe. That’s the thing with impermanence. But I’ve preserved most of the articles in their original form, and have resisted the urge to tinker, other than making very small editorial changes for clarity.

I hope you enjoy reading! Comments are open, so do feel free to comment on anything.

Finding content on this site

The Articles page has recently republished articles presented as blog entries. When I’ve had a chance, I’ll improve it so that there are various ways of tracking down articles (tags, search functions and so on). But things are still under development, so it will be a while.

I’ve got a lot of content still to republish (something like 300 articles). Please be patient. Patience, as Santideva says, is the highest form of Buddhist practice. 

Random article from the archives

One day there will be links to a random article from the archives here. But I’m still hard at work building things, so once again it may be a while.