About thinkBuddha

About thinkBuddha

a site for Buddhist meditations…

About Will Buckingham

I am a writer originally from the UK, but now based wherever my various writing projects take me. 

I write non-fiction, fiction and children’s books. Currently I’m working on a book for Granta called Hello Stranger, due to be published in 2020. 

Head back to willbuckingham.com to find out more about what I do.

About thinkBuddha

I ran thinkBuddha between 2005 and 2013, as a way of thinking through questions about Buddhism, philosophy and life.

The site is not a place to find out about orthodox Buddhist views. Hence my new coinage ‘Buddh-ish‘. 

Having said this, I no longer consider myself to be Buddhish. If anything, I’m probably post-Buddhish. But that just sounds ridiculous.

About this site

This site runs using WordPress. I’ve migrated the content over from the old textPattern site, so it may be a bit twitchy for a while. 

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